Logo alcalde
Foto Kiko
Atty. Ernesto Roger
Munro Jr.
XXII Ayuntamiento
de Puerto Peñasco
Message from the Mayor

Dearest friends of Puerto Peñasco, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support so that today I may lead this municipal administration.

I am certain that together we will make a wonderful team, allowing us to jointly fulfill the expectations of citizens who have placed their trust in us. I reiterate my commitment to include all voices in developing teams, in order to achieve plurality in public politics.

We began this honorable responsibility with tremendous optimism; a responsibility entrusted to me by the citizens of Puerto Peñasco to contribute to the community’s well-being, create development opportunities, resolve problems, and once again spur growth through a balanced plan to promote this first-rate tourism destination, which is the best on the Sea of Cortez.

I take on all of this, aware of both the constitutional and legal responsbilities such entails, as well as the political and ethical commitments I made with citizens during my electoral campaign.

Governing Puerto Peñasco has been my life’s dream. Thanks to the hope translated into the trust of thousands of people, I am here to restore the desire of the Peñasco community of having an administration that closely represents us, that provides a steady boost to our quality of life, and one that acts with transparency. We are firmly committed to making this city a better place to live, to do business, and for the creation of new jobs. We are putting all our energy into achieving equitable development for both our city and its residents.

Our administration shall be guided by a ten-point plan, with a focused vision on Puerto Peñasco’s development. Safety, Transparency, Tourism, and Citizen Participation are key to this project’s success, which is a project for the entire Puerto Peñasco community.

We will provide Puerto Peñasco with the promotion and security it deserves, and strongly encourage activities to attract tourism, particularly for our friends from the neighboring state of Arizona. We aim to include as much of civil society as possible, and the government only as necessary. Therefore, the key axis of this administration is citizen participation. I invite you, as men and women of Puerto Peñasco, so that together through civil society and this administration we may build the change we have proposed.

We will visit all corners and neighborhoods of our city in order to listen to our people: children, youth, mothers, workers, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. I am sure with the three levels of government working together, we will be able to make certain our expectations are met.