Mayor Kiko Munro promotes strategic projects for fishing sector
July 11 de 2016

Mayor Kiko Munro met with Marco Antonio Linné Unzueta Bustamente, General Director of the Sonoran Aquaculture Institute (IAES), with the shared goal of adding value to fishing and aquaculture via strategic analysis and projects.

During the meeting, the Mayor emphasized fishing is one of the principal sources of employment in the municipality as well as an economic engine, therefore the importance of coordinating efforts among the different levels of government.

The mayor and Unzueta Bustamante both expressed interest to work with research experts in the field, as well as with the University of Sonora’s Department of Scientific and Technological Research (DICTUS), and the Intercultural Center for the Study of Oceans and Desert (CEDO) in strengthening these strategies.

Among the strategic projects to promote fishing activities is creation of an industrial park, which would provide added value to marine products while creating jobs.

Furthermore, diverse aquaculture projects were presented including the cultivation of salt water tilapia and shrimp, as well as mariculture techniques for cultivation of oyster, mussel, scallop, gooey duck clam, and Asian clam, among other important sea species.