Authorities seek benefits for fishing sector
July 19 de 2016

Federal, State, and Municipal authorities installed a number of work areas for review of fishing permit renewal requests, as well as compilation of files in order to determine feasibility of granting new agreements.

Carlos Bonillos, Director of Fishing Affairs, stated this follows through with instructions of Mayor Kiko Munro in fulfilling agreements and commitments from the First Interinstitional Forum on Coastal Fishing, convened by the city on May 11th.

For two days, work tables were set up with members of the Municipal Committee for Comprehensive Attention to Fishing Affairs, along with federal and state officials.

Bonillas indicated among the new agreements meant to benefit both coastal and deep-sea fishing is review of all activities within diverse areas of fishing, so that results be delivered within two weeks either in Puerto Peñasco or Mazatlán.

He added further agreements were reached to streamline judgments and notifications for fishermen, as well as address the realm of alternatives to diversify and improve fishing activities pursuant to the law.